Monitoring & Recording Articles

Article | September 2, 2014
3 Ways to Make Graphical User Interfaces More Beneficial   

Application software is often developed to maximize functionality, but the ease of use is frequently neglected. According to the latest surveys, two... More>>

Article | August 5, 2014
Flexible Business Models for Recording, Quality Monitoring and Workforce Optimization   

The business sector of recording, quality monitoring (QM) and workforce optimization (WFO) is changing in many ways, but perhaps the most significant... More>>

Article | June 10, 2014
3 Ways to Bring Quality Management to Customer Communications   

To meet customer requirements, contact centers have become a fundamental interface in today´s business world. By using innovative IT-based methods... More>>

Article | May 27, 2014
For SBC's Press #1: Improving Customers' Contact Center Experience   

Times are changing in the contact center; with the rise of Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration technologies, customers and end-users are... More>>

Article | April 1, 2014
3 Steps to Optimizing Contact Center Agents and Saving Money   

Inefficient contact centers aggravate customers, frustrate agents and negatively impact the bottom line. Executives might think they have done all... More>>

Article | February 18, 2014
5 Ways Speech Analytics Can Improve Contact Center Performance   

There’s gold in quality monitoring, and you can mine it with speech analytics. There’s intelligence to be gathered from every customer call, but... More>>

Article | February 4, 2014
Managing PCI DSS Compliance   

Your call recording platform can offer a solution addressing all the issues, but organizations must determine whether their security should comply... More>>

Article | February 4, 2014
3 Ways Voice Biometrics Protect Contact Centers from Fraudsters   

Contact centers in the financial industry are vulnerable to “professional fraudsters” whose systematic attacks account for the majority of fraud... More>>

Article | January 21, 2014
Improving Agent Performance: 5 Tips for Successful Multitasking   

Multitasking is a critical success factor for employees, and particularly for contact center agents. The very nature of the agent job requires them... More>>

Article | November 19, 2013
5 Ways to Fix Customer Service Angst and Take Control of Your Revenue   

The moment a customer contacts a company, the call has the potential to either strengthen the caller’s relationship with the company or damage it.... More>>