Monitoring & Recording Articles

Article | January 6, 2015
2 Top Resolutions to Make 2015 the Best Year Ever in Your Contact Center   

As 2014 disappears in our rearview mirror, many of us are reflecting back on the challenges and accomplishments we experienced this past year. For... More>>

Article | December 16, 2014
Finding the Right Way to Measure Quality in the Contact Center   

Every contact center measures quality in a different way. Some companies use very high-tech quality monitoring solutions with call recording,... More>>

Article | December 8, 2014
How Workforce Management Contributes to Workforce Optimization   

When WFM and WFO are successfully deployed, the fulfillment of diverse objectives will lead to stellar customer service, motivated employees and... More>>

Article | November 24, 2014
VA Call Center Workers Allege They Were Dismissed for Overly Long Calls   

For many contact centers, success is measured in one all-important, overriding metric: average handle time. AHT is measured by the amount of time a... More>>

Article | November 17, 2014
Asia Pacific Contact Centers’ Growth Modest; Shift is to Social and Mobile    

Stratospheric contact center growth may no longer be the rule in the Asia-Pacific region as global economic concerns drag down expansion and... More>>

Article | October 10, 2014
Customer Feedback Drives Business Success   

A high-quality product and the best value for a buck used to guarantee success in the business world. Those days are gone. Now, you must provide the... More>>

Article | September 2, 2014
3 Ways to Make Graphical User Interfaces More Beneficial   

Application software is often developed to maximize functionality, but the ease of use is frequently neglected. According to the latest surveys, two... More>>

Article | August 5, 2014
Flexible Business Models for Recording, Quality Monitoring and Workforce Optimization   

The business sector of recording, quality monitoring (QM) and workforce optimization (WFO) is changing in many ways, but perhaps the most significant... More>>

Article | June 10, 2014
3 Ways to Bring Quality Management to Customer Communications   

To meet customer requirements, contact centers have become a fundamental interface in today´s business world. By using innovative IT-based methods... More>>

Article | May 27, 2014
For SBC's Press #1: Improving Customers' Contact Center Experience   

Times are changing in the contact center; with the rise of Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration technologies, customers and end-users are... More>>