Monitoring & Recording Articles

Article | September 25, 2012
4 Ways to Prepare your Enterprise Network for the Next Big Event   

With the explosive proliferation of mobile devices, it’s no surprise that certain world events – whether they be large sporting events, elections... More>>

Article | September 11, 2012
Managing the Challenges of Remote Call Operations through Workforce Optimization Tools   

The ROI from using remote call centers can be significant, and the need for WFO platforms will continue to grow as the workforce becomes more mobile... More>>

Article | August 28, 2012
Three Benefits of Tapping into Rural America for Talent   

Connecting residents in rural communities with at-home employers may just be the key to not only solving problems for unemployed residents and their... More>>

Article | August 13, 2012
The Four-Point Technology Blueprint for a Secure Home Agent Workforce   

Security is and will always be the top priority when implementing and managing a virtual workforce. In fact, in Ovum’s recent 2012 report,... More>>

Article | June 5, 2012
The Virtualization of the Contact Center Industry   

It’s known as the battle between “Clicks” and “Bricks.” Will online businesses eventually force brick and mortar stores into extinction?... More>>

Article | March 27, 2012
Busting 3 Myths about the Value and Cost of Customer Service   

Anyone involved with the customer service group within an organization is trying to provide the best level of support to customers while working... More>>

Article | March 13, 2012
Insurance for Economic Success   

The purpose of this column is to help readers stay on top of current trends and issues affecting the home-based customer care market. To that end, a... More>>

Article | March 13, 2012
Improve Customer FCR with Five Simple Steps   

Of all the metrics in a call center, First Call Resolution (FCR) often has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction, yet it is also one of the... More>>

Article | December 20, 2011
Speech Analytics: A New Paradigm for Quality Monitoring   

Globalization and the information technology revolution has transformed the business world, and contact centers must adapt if they wish to survive.... More>>

Article | December 6, 2011
Get Social or Get Out of the Way   

Social media has forced a paradigm shift in the way companies relate to customers. Interaction is a must; one-way messages are increasingly ignored.... More>>