Monitoring & Recording Articles

Article | November 22, 2011
Five Tips for Getting the Most from Your Self-Service System   

Consumers today have a do-it-yourself mentality. Whether it's home improvement, online banking or even shopping for groceries, we've come to enjoy... More>>

Article | November 8, 2011
Five Tips Toward Achieving PCI Compliance   

The industry is well aware of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which was designed to protect payment card information in... More>>

Article | October 25, 2011
Top Seven Reasons Why the Quality Function Doesn't Add Value in Call Centers   

A recent survey from the Aberdeen Group reported that 80 percent of company executives surveyed believed their company was providing a 'superior... More>>

Article | October 10, 2011
Quality is the Key to Success   

The following case study illustrates how quality and process management can be optimized in a financial institution's environment. Over 13 years of... More>>

Article | October 10, 2011
Top Reasons Why the Quality Function Doesn't Add Value in Call Centers   

You expect your quality program to have some beneficial impact on your business. But after a significant investment, you're seeing little improvement... More>>

Article | September 12, 2011
Top Five Ways to Transform Call Center Jobs into Long-Term Careers   

Two steps forward, one step back. Often times, that's what it feels like when trying to maintain a skilled workforce to meet the demands of call... More>>

Article | August 10, 2011
How to Integrate Social Media, the Newest Customer Contact Channel, into Your Quality Monitoring Program   

With hundreds of millions of consumers using Social Media channels to engage with businesses and a reported 67 percent of Fortune 100 companies... More>>

Article | July 7, 2011
The Special Needs of Financial Contact Centers   

Financial institutions, and especially trading firms, present a much more demanding set of requirements for communications recording and quality... More>>

Article | May 25, 2011
Delta Hotels and Resorts Has Improved Customer Service and Sales, Increased Agent Productivity and Decreased Employee Turnover Since Implementing Envision Click2Coach®   

Founded in 1962, Delta Hotels and Resorts has grown to become Canada's leading first-class hotel management company. Today, we boast a diversified... More>>

Article | May 17, 2011
Reaching Out to Your Customers: Six Steps to Proactive Communications   

Every time you receive a voicemail alert that your flight has been delayed or your prescription is ready for pickup, you are reaping the benefits of... More>>