Monitoring & Recording Articles

Article | May 9, 2011
Key Metrics to Analyze the Gap Between Self- and Live-Agent Service   

Even with the continued growth of self-service in the call center, some customers continue to need, or prefer to speak with, a live agent. What... More>>

Article | May 2, 2011
Customers are Communicating More   

When have you been in touch with a contact center lately? Or when have you sent an e-mail to "” Or simply, when have you last... More>>

Article | April 21, 2011
Vermont Teddy Bear Increases Contact Center Revenue With Quality Assurance Makeover and New Sales Initiatives   

For 30 years the Vermont Teddy Bear Company has been making the “the best Bears in the Universe” and delighting children of all ages across the... More>>

Article | April 6, 2011
The Transition to SIP Trunks and the Challenge of Voice Recording   

IP-based communications have radically transformed the way people interact. Setting up separate infrastructures to transport voice and data traffic... More>>

Article | March 7, 2011
Industry Best Practices: Communications Recording and Quality Management System Evaluation   

In the landscape of today's information technology arena, customers are looking for superior "value-for-money" solutions to achieve better investment... More>>

Article | January 31, 2011
Quality Management in the Cloud   

With cloud computing, companies can now benefit from the software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach for their contact center, moving away from local... More>>

Article | January 14, 2011
Winners and Losers in the "New Normal" Economy - The Top 10 Differences   

How is it that companies that have been around for more than 100 years failed in this economic downturn while other younger companies like Apple,... More>>

Article | October 19, 2010
No Call is too Small   

Most executives understand the fundamental value in deploying a customer-focused approach to business. At the most basic level, customers provide the... More>>

Article | September 23, 2010
Call Center in the Cloud: Implementing Call Recording as a Service   

While cloud computing is still a loosely defined term, many cloud-based services are nonetheless being deployed in droves - especially in the call... More>>

Article | April 14, 2010
Top Three Reasons to Use Monitoring to Prevent Voice Quality Issues   

Using an IP network to offer voice services can provide significant cost savings over traditional phone systems. Making this move can also result in... More>>