Monitoring & Recording Articles

Article | January 1, 2009
Nine Cost-Effective Ways to Boost Contact Center Quality and Performance in 2009   

To remain competitive in today’s challenging economic times, organizations are looking for innovative ways to effectively reduce operational costs... More>>

Article | January 1, 2009
Contact Center Best Practices in Lead Verification   

“Bad” Leads are Costly….Have you ever calculated the costs of sending a sales rep out on a bad contact center lead? Add up the marketing... More>>

Article | November 1, 2008
Essential Tips for Leveraging the Home-Based Model   

The home based call center industry has exploded! In taking with industry executives, it is safe to day just about every company with a call center... More>>

Article | November 1, 2008
M&As and the Customer Relationship Impact   

At a time in which our economy faces some challenging financial macro trends – such as high energy costs, gasoline price hikes and the U.S. housing... More>>

Article | September 1, 2008
Active Quality Management   

Does your call center record calls? If my personal experience is any indicator, it seems every single company I call has one of those standard,... More>>

Article | September 1, 2008
Speech Analytics   

According to a recent contact center satisfaction survey, many consumer inquiries require more than one interaction with a company to satisfy their... More>>

Article | September 1, 2008
Real-Time Results   

When a customer says, “Let me talk to your manager” or “Cancel my order,” your contact center needs to act fast before your business takes a... More>>

Article | July 1, 2008
Data Security Goes Back-to-Basics with the Help of the Uninterruptible Power Supply   

The portrait of the modern call center has changed drastically over the years through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in VoIP,... More>>

Article | July 1, 2008
Trust the Voice of the Customer to Build Lifelong Loyalty   

Listening to the customer is the right thing to do. Taking it to the next level is somewhat more difficult. One reason for this is the majority of... More>>

Article | May 1, 2008
The Power of Speech Analytics   

For contact centers, the recording of calls results in an enormous amount of recorded data that has to be sifted through for compliance and quality... More>>