Monitoring & Recording Articles

Article | May 1, 2007
Unified Communications: Empowering Agents for More Successful Customer Interactions   

Unified communications provides a common infrastructure to deliver, manage and support a wide range of applications spanning IP telephony calling and... More>>

Article | March 1, 2007
The Real Life of Home-Based Agents   

According to a recent report by industry analyst firm IDC, about 112,000 agents in the United States worked from their homes in 2005, and that number... More>>

Article | March 1, 2007
Contact Centers Benefit From Collection and Analysis of Real-Time Customer Data   

Arguably, contact centers are measured in more ways than virtually any other group. Every day, contact centers measure themselves against a broad... More>>

Article | March 1, 2007
Contact Center Intelligence   

During the past decade or so, successful executives have begun to drastically change the way they conduct business. They are responding to a... More>>

Article | January 1, 2007
Spotlight on the State of Contact Center Maturity   

Building call centers became very popular in the mid-80s as a part of corporate marketing strategies. The rationale was very simple; customers were... More>>

Article | January 1, 2007
Keeping it Real: Leveraging the Benefits of Real-Time Performance-Management Solutions   

A wide variety of performance-management applications are routinely used in contact centers worldwide. Unfortunately, most of them fail to leverage... More>>

Article | January 1, 2007
The Future of Intelligent Quality Monitoring   

In today’s highly competitive business environment, where customers can switch vendors or buy competitive products with the click of a mouse,... More>>

Article | January 1, 2007
Recording in a Voice over IP (VoIP) Environment   

Voice recording may be used by many different types of companies for a variety of functions. The key markets include financial institutions, such as... More>>

Article | January 1, 2007
Global State of the Contact Center Industry   

My colleague Oscar Alban and I are constantly reminded that much like the famous Disney song and amusement park ride, it is a small world after all.... More>>

Article | November 1, 2006
Increase Revenue and Improve Employee Productivity   

Today’s executives and managers are constantly searching for ways to encourage their employees to work smarter, faster and to be more efficient.... More>>