Contact Professional Contributors

Author | January 3, 2014
Kris Hamrick   

Kris Hamrick is the senior director of strategic accounts at Digital River. More>>

Author | January 2, 2014
Zach Messler   

Zach Messler is a passionate advocate for mobile customer care. In his role as Director of Solutions Marketing for Contact Solutions, Zach has been... More>>

Author | December 17, 2013
Howard Lee   

Howard Lee is the CEO of Spoken, a provider of the first Avaya-based cloud platform for contact centers. More>>

Author | November 5, 2013
Victoria Fields   

Victoria is a communications strategist for Momentum Telecom. More>>

Author | October 22, 2013
Steve Williams   

Steve Williams is the Senior Director, Desktop & Process Analytics Practice, at Verint Systems. More>>

Author | September 9, 2013
Carolyn Crews   

Carolyn Crews is senior vice-president at TELUS International. More>>

Author | August 21, 2013
Keith Laska   

As CEO, Keith leads the effort to drive significant growth and distribution reach of SDL’s innovative automated translation and language management... More>>

Author | August 13, 2013
Matt Lautz   

Matt Lautz is president of CorvisaCloud, a Milwaukee-based cloud-based contact center provider that offers dynamic integration with Salesforce CRM... More>>

Author | August 7, 2013
Mitchell Schnurman   

Mitchell Schnurmann is a writer for the Dallas News. More>>

Author | August 6, 2013
Joanne Wilkie   

Joanne Wilkie serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Paradigm Shift Consulting. In her role, she oversees all sales, marketing and business... More>>