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Call Center Consolidation 2.0 Continues to Build Global Following

5 Dec, 2007

By: Contact Professional Team

CosmoCom, the global leader in Call Center Consolidation 2.0, today announced that KPN has selected its flagship CosmoCall Universe platform to enable a new Contact Center Online service. The new service leverages KPN’s vast experience in the contact center space and enables organizations to implement a comprehensive customer contact center that can be staffed by premise-based agents as well as virtual and home-based agents. The hosted service is faster and easier to deploy than traditional premise-based models, and eliminates the need for a large capital expenditure. KPN’s Newtel Essence division, the call center market leader in its region, will sell and implement the new service.

Contact Center Online is based on CosmoCom’s CosmoCall Universe (CCU), an all-IP platform that provides professional contact center functionality any organization can use quickly and easily. The service – which includes features such as multi-channel call routing, e-mail management, voice response, multimedia recording, and contact history – will be charged monthly, with fees based on usage. Through its new service, KPN will provide customers with professional, unified multi-channel customer contact for both inbound and outbound applications. CosmoCom and KPN Newtel Essence expect rapid growth in customer contact activities in The Netherlands during the next few years, and rapid uptake of the new service to meet this growing demand.

“In the battle for customer loyalty, the quality of customer communication is more and more important,” said Marcel Otto, Managing Director of KPN Newtel Essence. “Successful organizations need access to the best available communication technology, and that’s what Contact Center Online provides,” Otto continued. “CosmoCom’s technology enabled us to create what we are confident will be a winning offering: an affordable service with significant capabilities, flexible deployment options, and usage-based pricing with little or no up-front investment.”

“CosmoCom is pleased and proud to welcome KPN Newtel Essence to its growing community of top-tier service providers throughout the world,” commented Ari Sonesh, CosmoCom’s Chairman and CEO. “KPN's remarkably high level of knowledge and experience in the Netherlands contact center market creates a unique opportunity for both companies to prosper. We are confident that CosmoCom's world-class platform and KPN's presence and reach in a major European market will be an unbeatable combination.”


About Newtel Essence

Newtel Essence, a wholly owned subsidiary of KPN, targets organizations in The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium that are motivated to optimize their knowledge about and communication with their customers and partners. Newtel Essence brings a strong combination of information technology and telecommunication technology skills to its customer care offerings, and provides comprehensive service and support for its products. Newtel Essence also provides service numbers 0800/0900/088/1400 as the access channels to the contact centers. For more information: www.newtelessence.com


About KPN

KPN is the leading provider of telecommunications services in the Netherlands, serving customers with wireline and wireless telephony-, internet- and TV services. To business customers, KPN delivers voice-, internet- and data services as well as fully-managed, outsourced ICT solutions. Both nationally and internationally, KPN provides wholesale network services to third parties, including operators and service providers. In Germany and Belgium, KPN pursues a multi-brand strategy with its mobile operations, and serves multiple customer segments in consumer as well as business markets.

At September 30, 2007, KPN served 5.5 million wireline voice subscribers, 9.1 million mobile customers, 2.6 million Internet customers and 0.4 million TV customers in the Netherlands as well as 16.8 million mobile customers in Germany and Belgium. With 27,155 individuals (24,890 FTEs), KPN posted revenues of EUR 8.9bn, with an EBITDA of EUR 3.7bn in the period January - September 2007. KPN was incorporated in 1989 and is listed on the Amsterdam, New York, London and Frankfurt stock exchanges.


About Consolidation 2.0

Consolidation 2.0 combines the many diverse contact center needs of the enterprise on a single platform that integrates quickly and easily with other VoIP network components as well as the overall enterprise Information Technology environment. Consolidation 2.0 unites all communication channels and all major contact center functions for Unified Customer Communications, revolutionizing the entire range of business and customer interactions, in formal call centers and beyond for all information workers. With Consolidation 2.0, enterprises gain the efficiency and cost reduction benefits of consolidation without compromising the unlimited deployment flexibility of an IP communications architecture.


About CosmoCom

CosmoCom, the global leader in Contact Center Consolidation 2.0, excels in providing IP contact center platforms for enterprises with the largest and most complex requirements, consolidating multiple locations, onshore, offshore, and home-shore agents, formal and informal agents, captive and outsourced operations, multiple communication channels, and multiple applications. Organizations can obtain the full benefits of Consolidation 2.0 by deploying CosmoCom technology themselves or by working with a service provider that hosts CosmoCom platforms on a dedicated or shared basis. CosmoCom customers include Fortune-class enterprises throughout the world and service providers such as BT, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, Telefonica, NTT, VSNL, PLDT, Verizon, and many others. CosmoCom is the most-selected provider of hosted contact center platforms to top-tier telcos worldwide. For more information, please visit www.cosmocom.com.