Workforce Optimization

Verint Launches First Fully Web-Enabled Enterprise Workforce Management Solution

25 Oct, 2011

Continues to Drive WFM Further Into the Enterprise with Enhanced Branch, Contact Center and Back-Office Operations Features

Verint® Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) today announced the availability of its fully web-enabled Enterprise Workforce Management (WFM) solution and expanded vision for what an enterprise-wide approach to WFM can bring to organizations of all sizes. This announcement builds upon the company’s award-winning Impact 360® Workforce Management solution and follows on its recent acquisition of WFM solution innovator Global Management Technologies Corporation (GMT), which closed earlier this month.  

Verint Enterprise Workforce Management is the first enterprise-class solution of its kind to bring unified visibility into key workforce optimization (WFO) dynamics across customer touch points and communications channels. From contact center, to branch office, to back-office operations, forward-thinking organizations are increasingly seeking a more strategic, organization-wide approach to planning, forecasting and scheduling their resources and work performed. They're charged with maximizing the benefits of a growing virtual workforce and creating greater value from available resources. A cornerstone for achieving operational excellence is a more holistic approach to mastering WFM, offering new visibility into the management, allocation and tracking of people, processes and work performance company-wide. 

As a strategic part of the company’s Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite, Verint Enterprise Workforce Management provides a single view into all employees, their respective skills and availability to handle workload. The solution, which became generally available in the first half of the year, helps deliver a more consistent and personalized customer service experience. Additional benefits include increased responsiveness to sales opportunities, improved employee engagement and retention, and reduced IT and administration costs from a single technology environment and single team of workforce administrators.  

“Coast Capital Savings will be implementing the newest version of Verint’s workforce management software in our contact center in Q4 of this year,” says Mahesh Pillay, contact center director, Coast Capital Savings. “As an existing user of Verint’s recording software, the additional investment in the company’s enterprise workforce management solution is the next step for us to optimize contact center service levels. With the new web-enabled solution, we’re focused on enhancing efficiencies and reducing costs as we continue to work towards improving both customer and employee satisfaction.” 

Tightly Integrated, Singular Enterprise WFM Solution
Through unique, new capabilities, Verint Enterprise Workforce Management eliminates the need for a thick or rich client. The web-enabled solution delivers total cost of ownership (TCO) and cost-saving benefits to business users and IT organizations that:  

  • Provide  all functionality required by all users via a browser

  • Save time, allowing multiple browser tabs to be open for quick toggling between different frequently used application screens

  • Reduce training time by unifying the core forecasting and scheduling “power” features into the common web interface used across all Impact 360 Workforce Optimization applications

  • Feature an enhanced user interface with dynamic drop-down menus for quick access to categorized functions

  • Eliminate cost and performance issues associated with terminal services, and reduce hardware requirements

  • Simplify deployment and IT maintenance with no need to install and push “hot fixes” or service packs to the thick clients

  • Offer multi-tenant capabilities, enabling partners to efficiently deliver a cloud-based SaaS WFM solution    

This powerful combination of web enablement and associated solution enhancements provides contact center, branch and back-office operations management and staff with a tightly integrated, singular enterprise WFM solution that features such advanced functionality as: 

  • Data Capture and Work Item Tracking—capturing workload information, like volume by time interval and individual employee productivity, from such existing sources as ERP and CRM systems, reducing the risk and penalties associated with missing service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Strategic Planning/Modeling—modeling the customer service delivery chain, along with average cycle time, skills, proficiencies, cost and availability of resources throughout the enterprise; maximizing the solution’s robust simulation engine that calculates headcount requirements and service level projections based on existing staff; and leveraging intelligence to create optimized hiring plans

  • Resource Utilization—providing tools that enable users to create work-demand forecasts for any unit within the organization, and make adjustments on an as-needed basis, using resources from across departments to deliver better customer experiences

  • Intra-Day Management—offering visibility and tracking of individual work and employee performance enterprise-wide

  • Operational and Performance Analytics—providing organization and employee scorecards that reflect work groups, sites, departments, virtual units and teams stand-alone or on a roll-up, broad-level basis for a complete view of operational performance, excellence and areas for improvement

  • Desktop and Process Analytics—enabling insight into application usage and actual navigation paths that employees follow to identify efficiencies, compliance, bottlenecks and/or process flaws, and areas to advance resource proficiencies and training

  • Employee Portal—providing employees with a view into current schedules and personal scorecards, along with access to shift swap boards and more, keeping them informed, involved and more amenable to WFM best practices and changes

  • Employee Development and Engagement—delivering tools to advance learning, skill advancement, and the application of proficiencies gained  

Greater Visibility Into Workloads and Processes

“Verint Enterprise Workforce Management provides organizations of all sizes with unprecedented visibility into and control over the work itself, the people performing the work and the processes employed to accomplish it,” shares Oren Stern, vice president workforce management, Verint.  

To further advance access to and intelligence from these critical resources and functions, the Verint solution now also includes:  

  • More accurate insight into actual production standards across the enterprise

  • Greater labor deployment efficiencies; and a reduced need for overtime

  • Avoidance of compliance issues/penalties; and better risk management

  • Identification of process breakdowns; and focused supplemental training

  • Visibility into workflows to identify assignment errors and other needed adjustments

  • Powerful new insight and a broad-scale view into people, departments, processes, workload and SLAs  

Taking a view of the WFO and WFM markets at large, Ovum reports that, “Workforce optimization technologies (WOTs) are being applied throughout the enterprise in order to drive efficiency and improve customer service.”1 According to the industry research firm, “Enterprises should standardize their scheduling tools across the organization so that they have greater flexibility over sharing workloads.”2 It notes that “Customer queries would be answered faster, improving satisfaction, and staff would also benefit—agents would face less pressure and store or branch staff would be more engaged and productive during quiet periods.”3  




According to technology research firm Pelorus Associates, the combination of Verint and GMT creates the clear enterprise WFM momentum leader for scheduling and forecasting software for retail, banking and enterprise back-office b in over 150 countries¾including over 85 percent of the Fortune 100¾use Verint solutions to capture, distill, and analyze complex and underused information sources, such as voice, video and unstructured text. Headquartered in Melville, New York, we support our customers around the globe directly and with an extensive network of selling and support partners. Verint is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol "VRNT." Visit us at our website 

1, 2, 3  Ovum, “Demand for efficiency drives WFM adoption in stores and branch banks,” October 5, 2010